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How to solve IPv6 proxy failure?

    What is IPv6? IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol (IP) address standard intended to supplement and eventually replace IPv4, the protocol many Internet services still use today. Every computer, mobile phone, home automation component, IoT sensor and any other device connected to the Internet needs a numerical IP address to communicate between other devices. The original IP address scheme, called IPv4, is running out of addresses due to its… Read More »How to solve IPv6 proxy failure?


      1. About Startup What is Maskfog and what features does it have? Maskfog is a virtual browser with clean proxy provided. It covers full fingerprint information settings and separates browser fingerprint environment to ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of the fingerprint environment. Maskfog applies to multiple accounts operation, social media marketing and account isolation. It has the characteristics of simple import, automatic verification, multiple browsers, batch automation, etc., which can… Read More »FAQS

      How to collect log directories

        When maskfog encounters some unconventional special technical problems, you need to provide the corresponding logs to help us locate and troubleshoot the problem. Next, we will introduce how to collect the log directory of maskfog. windows User: File in the upper left corner -> log directory -> cwd -> log mac User: Log directory in the upper left corner->CWD->log->log.Today’s date.log Finally, send the obtained log file to technical support.

        How to configure the Team Network?

          Team network can be used in helping users use the product when they cannot purchase a device due to global network problems, cannot open a browser, or use it when the proxy fails. 1. Open the proxy software you use Check the socks port number or http port number (the port number socks here is 10808; http is 10809) 2. Configure the Team Network 2.1 Open MaskFog (only supports v1.9.9… Read More »How to configure the Team Network?

          How to use the Google Translate plugin?

            Step 1: Enter [Global Settings] and open [Google API] Step 2: Download [Google Translate] in the [Application Center] and confirm to turn it on Google translate plugin address : Step 3: Right-click on the browser page – click the marked area and click the upper right corner to select the language

            What IS Browser Finerprint

              IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is the fourth version of the Internet Protocol (IP). It is one of the core protocols of standards-based internetworking methods in the Internet and other packet-switched networks. IPv4 was the first version deployed for production on SATNET in 1982 and on the ARPANET in January 1983. It still routes most Internet traffic today,despite the ongoing deployment of a successor protocol, IPv6. IPv4 uses a 32-bit address space which provides 4,294,967,296 (232) unique addresses, but large blocks are reserved for… Read More »What IS Browser Finerprint