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How to add Maskfog Proxy in Adspower?

    Here we provide 2 ways to set up Maskfog proxy in Adspower, you can go for your preference.

    1. Fill proxy info in Adspower directly

    1.1 You can find proxy info in Maskfog [Proxy Service]-[Private proxy]

    The format of info copied would be: Proxy Type://Proxy Host:Proxy Port:Proxy Account:Proxy Password

    1.2 When creating New Browser Profile in Adspower, choose the proxy type and fill corresponding info you get from Maksfog

    2. Configure In Adspower [Add Proxy]

    You can add Maskfog proxy in Adspower before using it, where you can save time for filling info by yourself.

    2.1 Copy the proxy information you buy in Maskfog  [Proxy Service]-[Private proxy]

    2.2  Open Adspower, select the [Proxies] and click [Add Proxy]

    2.3 Paste the proxy information you get in Maskfog into the red-box area and it will automatically fill in the proxy information with correct format.

    2.4 Click [OK] and you will find the proxy has saved as a custom proxy type.

    2.5 Now you can create [New profile] with your saved Maskfog proxy.

    [New profile] -> [Proxy] -> [Saved Proxies]