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How to configure the Personal Network?

    1. Introduction

    You can set up a personal network for your own browser, as distinct from the team network which applies to all team members.

    2. Comfigure the personal network

    2.1Make sure your Maskfog is up to date.

    Open Maskfog, Click the [Update Now] to update your Maskfog If you find a version update at the top of your browser.

    2.2 Select the [window] in the upper left corner and click[refresh] .

    2.3 Click the [setting] in the upper right corner.

    2.4 Select the [Local settings] and enable the [personal network]

    2.5 Fill in the proxy information for your personal network and click [test] to check whether your configure is successful or not.

    2.6 After comfirming your proxy is working, click [save setting] at the bottom.