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Static House Proxy

    1.Feature Introduction

    Maskfog uniquely provides a clean and exclusive static cloud device service for profile. Static residential devices are real devices connected to the internet, assigned by global Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These devices typically have IP addresses associated with specific locations, such as homes or businesses. Residential devices are generally considered more reliable and less likely to be detected as proxies, resembling real user network addresses. They are widely used in scenarios such as social media account management, e-commerce account management, and ad verification, ensuring that the environment is authentic, secure, and stable, suitable for users who require a stable and authentic profile.

    2.Purchase Steps

    2.1 Log in to the Maskfog browser, click on “Device Service,” and then click on “Purchase Device.”

      2.2 Click on “Static House” for device type, select options for “Region”/”Service Provider”/”Usage Period”/”Auto-Renewal”/”Payment Method,” check the “Service Agreement” box, and click “Buy Now”

      2.3 After the purchase is completed, wait for the system to allocate, which usually takes 1-3 minutes. After allocation, you can configure it in the browser.

      3、Purchase Notes

      • The devices sold in this service are static and clean residential devices. Before expiration, you can choose to renew as needed, and the renewal applies to the same device.
      • The provided devices are only for use outside mainland China and are subject to local network regulations. Please use them legally and in compliance.
      • The purchase of pure device services is non-refundable, and frequent device changes may pose potential security risks.
      • This product only provides device usage services, and device information is provided by the service provider. Please carefully select devices based on the policies of each platform.