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Account Import Template

    Field Description

    name: optional, the name of the account is limited to 100 words, which is convenient for memory management

    username: optional (binding with password), required if there is no cookie information

    password: optional (binding with username), required if there is no cookie information

    cookie: optional, required if there is no username and password information, support JSON/Netscape/Name=Value format cookies

    proxy type: cannot be empty (binding with proxy), There are seven types of proxytype: 911s5, luminati, lumauto, http, https, socks5, noproxy. Please note that the format is all lowercase and no spaces

    proxy: optional (binding with proxytype) , When the proxy type of the account is specified as luminati, http, https, socks5, you need to fill in this column. The format is “host: port: proxy username: proxy password”. Please note that the separator is half-width in English; When the account is designated as lumauto, you can fill in the specified proxy or leave it blank and check Use the luminati dynamic residential proxy set by the enterprise

    Note: luminati means static residential IP, and lumauto means dynamic residential IP

    IP: optional, original IP address

    countrycode: optional, account’s registration location

    ua: user agent, It is a special string header that enables the server to identify the operating system and version, CPU type, browser version, browser rendering engine, browser language and so on

    resolution: optional, that is the screen resolution, fill it in to use the resolution specified in the file, leave it blank to use the resolution set by the system

    remark: optional, if there are remark information in account, you can import it into system

    Please fill in the account information into the import template strictly according to the filling instructions, please do not import other documents to avoid introducing errors

    Note: All accounts in the system are only unique. Repeatedly imported accounts will fail again. Please check if the username or password is “undefined”. This prompt will prompt the account is duplicated