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Maskfog Help Center

Welcome to the Maskfog Help Center, which contains the system operation manual and FAQ, You can also contact us ( for further assistance.

  • Multi-account Management

Maskfog can manage accounts in batches, including importing accounts in batches, exporting accounts, creating tasks, etc.

  • Browser Fingerprint

Maskfog’s multiple browsers have set independent fingerprints, including time zone, default language, User Agent, font, resolution, etc. You can try the fingerprint information provided by the system or customize the fingerprint information.

  • Open Browser

Maskfog can open multiple browsers at the same time. These browser environments are independent of each other and can prevent mutual association.

  • Team Collaboration Function

Maskfog provides a team collaboration function for team users. We support multiple users to collaborate on system at the same time. You can manage the accounts in the system by batch and authorize different batches to different sub-users; you can also manage the functions of the system and authorize different functions to different user groups.

  • Mainstream Agent Support

For dynamic residential IP from 911s5, luminati and Oxylabs, Maskfog can automatically match the most situable IP for you.

  • About the operation manual

This operation manual serves as an explanation to help users quickly get started with Maskfog product.It contains introduction of provided functions, operation process and screenshot .By this manual you can quickly learn how to use Maskfog efficiently 

About the FAQ

The FAQ sorts through common system issues, including startup, software, account, and payment. You can find the corresponding answers to your questions in this section. If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us and we will give you feedback in time.

  • Audience

The main object of this manual is enterprise account administrators and general operators. After mastering basic browser operation knowledge, you can quickly complete various background operations through this manual.