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    1. About Startup

    • What is Maskfog and what features does it have?

    Maskfog is a virtual browser with clean proxy provided. It covers full fingerprint information settings and separates browser fingerprint environment to ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of the fingerprint environment. Maskfog applies to multiple accounts operation, social media marketing and account isolation. It has the characteristics of simple import, automatic verification, multiple browsers, batch automation, etc., which can help users to efficiently operate and place accounts and can meet the needs of various business scenarios;

    • What is the difference between Maskfog and other similar products?

    Maskfog offers unlimited number of free profiles.

    Maskfog offers two official proxy type: exclusive pure proxy and shared proxy. Private proxy can ensures that the account browser is unique, real, safe and stable while Shared proxy is cost-effective and suitable for users with low environmental requirements and short-term experience.Get more official proxy details with Maskfog Proxy Service.

    Maskfog can also supports batch import of cookies, one-click FB login and a series of customizable automation operations, which greatly improves work efficiency through a series of innovations and improvements in the operation process;

    • Can I try Maskfog before making a formal purchase?

    Yes,each user can enjoy 3 days use of IPv4 shared proxy or IPv6 private proxy for free after registration. After 3 days you can choose to renew the current proxy or buy an official proxy in [Proxy Service]-[Buy Proxy].

    • After logging into Maskfog, the interface is missing?

    Due to browser cache and cookie login, it is recommended that users refresh the interface or log in to the system again;

    • Can Maskfog only be opened with a browser? Does it support mobile?

    Yes, the architecture adopted by Maskfog is to open with a browser. Chrome browser is recommended. Currently, mobile operation is not supported.

    2. About Software

    • Does the Maskfog system provide a proxy?

    Maskfog provides two proxy methods: official proxy and custom proxy. Custom devices can support multiple proxy types. If you want to know about official exclusive pure proxy or official shared proxy, you can refer to [Proxy Services] .

    • How does the Maskfog system set up a proxy?

    When importing an account, fill in the proxy information provided by the network provider in the proxy type, and you can use the network to access in the browser;

    • What should I do if I open FB and display “No network, please try again later”?

    This happens for a single account, please try again later or restart the agent. If this happens to multiple accounts, please change the IP address or return to the proxy client login interface to change the proxy line;

    • What should I do if I open FB and display “Software is not started”?

    Please check whether the Open FB Server is started normally in the filter conditions, please return to the local client folder and click the start.bat file to log in to the system again;

    • What should I do if the task network times out?

    It is recommended to refresh the interface and try again, and recheck the connection status of your local network and proxy network;

    • How is Maskfog’s batch list and function permissions assigned?

    In the rights management in enterprise management, when members are added, their roles and batches are assigned. In addition, functional rights can be correspondingly selected in specific role groups;

    • What should I do if the system displays “The cache is full and cannot be opened”?

    Opening the browser cache will take up hard disk space. You can free up space by deleting the account ID folder in the Maskfog root directory /cache. For browser accounts that are no longer used, it is recommended to periodically delete the cached data;

    3. About Account

    • How do I change my account and password? What if I forgot my password?

    Once it is confirmed that the account email cannot be changed by yourself, in special case, you can contact us for support. The password can be changed in the account information of the user’s avatar drop-down box. If you forget the password, you can contact the enterprise administrator to reset it.

    • Can I use my Maskfog account on multiple devices at the same time?

    Yes, multiple members can be added under one corporate account, and different members can log in to the system in different browsers;

    • Why does it say “Your account is logged in from another device”?

    A single member account can only log in to the system on one browser, and redundant login windows will be squeezed offline. The number of members varies according to the subscription package;

    • How do I delete a member’s permission role? Can they continue to use it?

    In the rights management in enterprise management, you can remove members under specific roles, and then return to the list of unauthorized members after removal. The list has no functional permissions by default and cannot be used further.

    4. About Payment

    • What is the subscription plan for Maskfog?

    Under [Cost Center], you can see the details of the Order. Different packages are distinguished according to the [proxy type] and [purchase period] you choose. Get more package offer details with Maskfog Pricing.

    [Private proxy]—30-day purchase, starting from 4.99$, 10% discount for ordering 90 days and 20% discount for 180 days.

    [Shared proxy]—Minimum 3-day purchase, 0.15$/day,10% off for ordering 7 days and 20% off for 15 days, each user can enjoy a 3-day free experience opportunity.
    • Can I get a refund after I subscribe to Maskfog?

    Maskfog currently uses the method of purchasing recharge subscriptions. Users are advised to recharge an appropriate amount according to operational needs. The system platform does not process refunds. In special cases, you can contact the [Online Support] to resolve;

    • How to pay and what payment methods are supported?

    You can click the Recharge button under [Management] – [Cost center] to recharge, we support multiple payment method including Alipay, WechatPay, credit card, Paypal, USDT, Bitcoin, ETH and USD coin.